Natural Resources and Population Distribution in Africa, In Conflict Maps

ASSA’DY, Mohammed. I

This study focuses on the extent of the balance between two main factors in the African continent, namely demography and natural resources. Africa is the second continent in the world with nearly 20% of the area of it. It is rich in natural resources that do not correspond to the standards of living in most parts of the continent, and it is noticeable that the natural resources are not proportional to the areas of population density. It is not easy to talk about some Human-Natural balance in Africa, bearing in mind that the diverse national and ethnological maps are in turn reflected in the diversity of the continental geographical and ecological maps. I focus here on the various aspects of the picture, and conclude that African trade is only 1% of the world’s trade, although it is the home of 10% of the world population, and the source of 30-40% of its natural resources, while it bears the burden of conflicts, diseases, poverty and debts.

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